Counselor’s role in family businesses

The experience lived as an Advisor to family businesses brings interesting lessons, as there are unique characteristics in this type of organization. This article proposes to share part of these learnings. According to the Code of Best Corporate Governance Practices 5th Edition – 2015 – IBGC – Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance: “Corporate Governance is […]

5 most wanted Executive Positions on the last trimester


2020 was a challenging year and this implied representative movements in executive positions. The policies of social isolation, the worsening of the pandemic and now the economic recovery motivated unique changes within the corporate environment. Based on our latest projects conducted and disclosed, we have compiled the 5 most demanded executive positions by companies in […]

M&A Operation – Part II: Valuation

Continuing the reflection on M&A (access part I here), in this new article we will cover the Valuation process, the most used techniques and the difference between company and shareholder value. Once the initial reflection phase of the M&A process is over, where the entrepreneur must have a clear understanding of the purpose of the […]

M&A: Understand Mergers and Acquisitions Process

Are you and your company prepared for the M&A process? Industry experts predict that the end of 2020 will be marked by an intense movement of M&A operations. But after all, what are these operations? What are the milestones involved from beginning to end of the process? Who are the players? What are the dynamics […]